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Mon 12-17 Dominance Challenge

Mon 12-17 Dominance Challenge

I'm attempting to put together an album of photos from Italy and am working in 8x11 size. I thought this page might be good for today's challenge since one photo is much larger than the other. I'm not sure if that makes it a focal point, however, so CC's are welcome. TFL!

Journaling reads: "The Augusto gardens consist of a series of green terraces, built in the 1930's on the ruins of an imperial Roman villa. From here we had a mgnificent view of the gorgeous cobalt sea, the Faraglioni (rock stacks), and the notorious Via Krupp, a steep pathway to the sea, named after the German steel magnate, who loved Capri, and wanted the path built in the 19th century."

    I love your vacation photos. This is a beautiful layout.
    Your photo is breathtaking Diane and the inset photo is magnificent also. Very nice the way you have them counterbalanced.
    Beautiful, Diane! You have really developed your own, very unique, style. I knew this was your LO before I clicked onto it. Your Italy series has been just gorgeous and your photos are wonderful. I've really enjoyed seeing Italy through your eyes.
    It's gorgeous!
    Ditto what Dot said! :welldone4jb: I love your series & can't wait for the next layout!
    What stunning photos - I think youve done a great job here with the blending etc.

    One thought - your cluster and date in the top left looks a little lonely, I might have been inclined to move it down to somewhere nearer your journaling so that there was more negative space thus emphasising the wide open Mediterranean sky. Hope this helps.
    Gorgeous Diane and I agree with Dot - I knew this was yours before I clicked. One of your photos is more stunning than the next and I really like the way you blended this one into the perfect background. I also really like how you framed the smaller one and your journaling is so interesting - I've been learning so much.
    Spectacular, Diane! I love your photos and the way you've blended the large one and framed the small one (the frame is pretty and perfect for Italy).
    Absolutely gorgeous, Diane. Your photos are beautiful and I love the blending job of the big photo with the blue background paper. Love the frame with your journaling below. Stunning!
    Oh my! This is stunning, Diane! Love the large, dominant photo with blended edge and the smaller inset photo. Great job.