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HNC_ Boyfriend or Husband_2 Fonts

HNC_ Boyfriend or Husband_2 Fonts

I have a lot of nerve posting this picture of me! LOL, just out of the OR, extreme close-up on an arm's length iPhone. Hat (cap) hair. Drugged, faraway look, LOL. But, we are supposed to document life, right? I don't remember having the picture taken, putting on my glasses, or any of it for that matter! Thought it was a funny story in the middle of the chaos, though.

(I'll add the credits here later...off to another Dr. appt! What's new?) In the EXIF in the meantime. TFL!

    Oh, Dot - you made me cry! What a wonderful, wonderful story - and your pictures are beautiful - you are beautiful! You've been on mind and in my daily thoughts and prayers, my friend. Sending you and Ed hugs!
    Love the story and your layout! I think you look really good in the photo. I like the way you used the stamp frames and the stitched pink ribbons. Great job with today's challenge.
    This is a lovely layout, Dot. I really like the background you chose/created (looks like some blending took place) and the ribbons linking the photos. Your journaling is priceless - this is a story to keep.

    Anesthesia has funny effects. A few years back I had a triple bypass. I'm assured that I signed the permission form - DH and DD watched me do it. And the doctor reported that the first time they tried to wake me, I fought them, and they knocked me out again. I have absolutely no memory of either event. It's not at all surprising that you don't remember having the picture taken - but you do look good, despite the circumstances. I hope your recovery continues well.
    it was the title that got me, lol. what a great layout Dot, and yes we document life, the good, the bad and the ugly so you have done a superb job here, and you really look great, even if you don't remember any of it, lol.
    hope you continue to improve
    You had me laughing. Yup, Ed makes a fine boyfriend as well as husband,LOL. And you look a lot better than you think!
    Great layout! I can't believe you put something as lovely as this together in your not-yet-fully-recovered state. The pink stapled ribbon is inspired and I love how it joins both photos. I hope you continue to do well.
    Oh Dot - I love the story! A touching tribute to your DH.
    Love the story. You look well, even if you don't remember the photo being taken. I love your layout, especially the background.
    I love your story and hope you are totally on the mend!
    This really is what scrap-booking is about. Love your title - may you and Ed always be "boyfriend and girlfriend." Wishing you well!
    I love that Ed is your boyfriend on the day of surgery! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! It's a beautiful layout and a good story.