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HNC Fonts Challenge 12:12 12/12/2012


Hilary Locke

HNC Fonts Challenge 12:12 12/12/2012

Someone posted to the forum on at 12:12 on the12/12 asking what we would be doing. Well here's the answer! So glad to have an excuse to scrap an everyday moment. TFL




TYO_AYOZoom_Glazed_Emb_OrangeCut (withdrawn)




Fonts - Myriad Web Pro, Arial, Pristina

PS Sorry if my stripped jumper and the window blinds make your eyes go peculiar!

    This is neat that you scrapped what you were doing. I like how you included several pictures and have the clock face in the background.
    LOVE your big clock face numbers in the background "framing" your great photos! Seems like that's always where I am - in the kitchen! Love the composition of your layout!
    It's so important to capture the life in-between. Nice work!
    I like how you did this page. I didn't even notice when that time slipped by - let alone take photos. I'm impressed that you did. :) Love how you captured some every day moments.
    How great that you paused and took photos of those moments. They are a treasure. I love how you've arranged everything on the page and the mix of fonts look perfect! PS - The soup looks yummy. Butternut squash soup is a favorite at our house.