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Thurs 20dec12 Word Art Challenge

Thurs 20dec12 Word Art Challenge

I HAD to share this story, and record it in case I forgot it... what a riot! And in case you are wondering, both boys wore nice t-shirts and shorts!

font: harrington

Me: What are you gonna wear to see Santa tonight?
Callan: We’re going tonight!?!?!
Me: Yes, so you need a shower and to pick out some nice clothes...
Callan: But I thought I might like to go nude this year...
Me: (suppressing a grin) Oh really? What do you think Santa would have to say about THAT??
Callan: I think he would find it refreshing!

Oh I was laughing so hard on the inside whilst trying to keep a straight face on the outside... Where does this kid get it from? Can’t you just imagine the line up and the look on Santa’s face?

    Oh Dear, don't you often think what will they say next LOL! Great layout of this fun memory!
    LOL!!! Thanks for the giggle! Love the blending here.
    :) :) Giggle. Love the conversation! Love your beautifully blended layout! I knew it was yours when I saw it on the mb! Beautiful, Jody!
    Love the vintage feel of this. So pretty!
    :rofl:/> Kids???? Never a dull moment. Love your layout.
    :going-crazy: How funny! What a great memory and you've scrapped it perfectly.
    Don't they say the funniest things. Love the LO :)
    Callan is a riot! Love that you recorded the conversation. They will laugh about it for years to come! Love the vintage Santa cards, soft teal blues and pretty stripes running through the page. Definitely Magical Memories :)
    HILARIOUS! Refreshing!!! Oh, my, gosh, could not be funnier. Beautiful layout, as always, Jody.
    How funny. Callan must be a real character! So neat that you scrapped this memory wihtout a specific photo, but so perfectly!