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BMU_WithLove Collection, Font: Jenna Sue

McKenzie was casted for her scoliosis. They corrected the 60° curve to 33°. She woke up in daddy’s arms, just like he used to hold her when he fed her as an infant. Such a brave girl!

    So beautiful in every single way! Best wishes to McKenzie for healing and a short time in the cast. Sweetest pictures in the world. Your title brings tears to my eyes. Lovely work.
    Very beautiful lo! I too send wishes for quick healing. I had no idea they could fix scoliosis with a cast.
    Dot said it so well - so beautiful in so many ways! Keeping McKenzie close in thought and in prayer for quick healing - what a wonderful Daddy McKenzie has! Beautiful layout!
    Such sweet pictures. Best wishes to McKenzie to get better soon. I like the little bit of red against the pattern and the pretty swirl.