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Dominance challenge Mon 17dec12

Dominance challenge Mon 17dec12

This is quite a FULL page but I don't think it is BUSY... I looked at it from several different distances and the photos (particularly Callan's) still stand out... :-)
Each year level performed a song at the End of Year concert and then returned to sit with their class - after the year 7's finished there was an announcement and the kids all got up and starting doing Gangnam Style - it was a great sight to see!!!

My kids sing this song in Korean - I have no clue as to how they figured out the lyrics or how they REMEMBER them, so I have included them on my page if you can read them and want to have a go singing it...and no,I cannot do the dance :-(

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    Fabulous page, Jody! Callan is soooo talented - singing in Korean? Wow! Love the style of your wonderful page!
    This looks like so much fun!!! Great page, and it's not busy at all. It totally shows off the mood of the event!
    Too funny! I absolutely love it! You put this together with all the style and verve of the song; you were obviously inspired. This is just wonderful. And now that you know the boys can memorize a whole song in Korean, there are no more excuses for them forgetting chores, etc.
    PS - I'll bet you can do the dance. Just wait until you are alone.
    Another awesome layout Jody. You have really captured the movement of the dance with your photos and the layout in general. I bet Callan would be willing to teach you the dance!
    LOLOL to Diane Regarding the chores:)
    So I finally had to see what all the hype was about, and my oldest thought I did a passable impression of the dance. I'm totally not ready to show anyone but my kids though;)
    I think you did a great job with the style of the layout matching the Gangnam style!
    Love it! Whenever that song is on my boys stop and dance too. I think your layout is a great expression of the dance movements and how fun it is to dance/sing the song. The grunge blocks are awesome here and I really like the black n white with touches of blue. (I've got the gallup part down ...hehehhehe)
    Cool layout - that must have been some site to see. I love the movement in your page.