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12/21 Customer Challenge - One Value

My one basic value that I hold dear and makes the most difference in my life is to spend what I call TAG time or Time Alone with God. I know that if I seek Him first thing every single day I will have the faith, strength and wisdom to get me through whatever comes my way on any given day.


Photo: Sunrise while camping on Black Lake, MI


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Lei, I know what your TAG time does for you and how truly you cherish those moments. And what a beautiful LO to remind yourself. I especially love the music blended around the gorgeous photo. I'm a sucker for music on LOs.

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Lei, this is beautifully done - I love how you've masked that peaceful photo and the simplicity of your layout speaks volumes - a very thoughtful and endearing value from someone I know not only holds this value close but lives by it - Your layout is beautifully done - and I'd have known it was yours without seeing your name on it!


I feel very peaceful after seeing your beautiful layout. Thank you for sharing.

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Gorgeous photo and page! I love the peaceful feeling, the lovely mix of patterns, your blending, and especially the natural embellishments. This is a beautiful way to remind yourself of what is important.

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The perfect beginning to everything! Beautiful layout it is so serene! I love the blended photo, soft music notes..the blended edges...everything! Thanks for joining the challenge!

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