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Merry Christmas


Jacqui Smith

Merry Christmas

Supplies for "Merry Christmas" digital scrapbooking layout:

    oh Jacqui, this is just beautiful. grabbed my eye right away. hope all is well by you (been thinking of you) and hope your day is wonderful
    Gorgeous! Really lovely.
    awww, this is so neat,I like the cut out showing the bokeh lights and appreciate your well wishes! The colors are so pretty!
    Wow! This is really gorgeous, Jacqui. Thank you for sharing your talents with us here at Scrap Girls.
    This stood out in the gallery.... a lovely card. thank you for sharing this and including the greeting for us all. I hope your Christmas day was special.
    Merry Christmas to you, too. What a pretty card.
    Cool layout. And Merry Christmas to you too. :)
    This is so pretty and very artistic. I love the type paths product you made Jacqui!