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Thursday Tradition Challenge 12/27/12

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My layout is about a tradition I tried to change! Supplies in EXIF. TFL.


Journalling: We always had a huge Christmas tree. When Andrea and Ellen were little, Rod would take them to a tree farm to cut our tree down. Trees always looked a lot smaller standing in the middle of a field than they did standing in our living room. The size of our tree got to be a family joke and the girls loved it. Because the tree was always to big, we collected and made a lot of ornaments over the years. After the girls left home, it took us several years to talk them into an artificial tree. Initially, they threatened not to come home for Christmas if we got an artificial tree! We finally just did it, but of course, Rod bought the biggest one he could find that would fit into our house. It took hours to put up and take down! This year, I decided it would be a lot easier to put up a small tree. I knew the girls wouldn’t like it but I thought it was really cute. And the best part was, it only took about 15 minutes to set up and take down! Both girls hated it and complained bitterly! I just found out that during one of Ellen’s complaining sessions, Rod winked at her and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll put the big one up again next year.” Even now, they still have him wrapped right around their little finger!!! December, 2012

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Gorgeous layout and I loved reading your story! We've done the same thing - artificial and a little smaller but still has to be on the floor! I absolutely love how you made your Christmas tree with the words to the song, O Christmas Tree! You did a beautiful job with that! I love this layout!

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Beautifully put-together and I love the journaling! I especially like the photo of the big tree -- it looks like it is scraping your ceiling, lol. I think you are probably going to lose this battle, Karen. :lol:


PS -- Cute ribbon on the word tree.

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