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First, open your heart

First, open your heart

I meant to finish this layout before Christmas, but time just ran away from me. I've printed the information below, and added to the back of the page.

In a December in the late eighties, we were driving through western Maryland on the way home to Ohio for Christmas. The girls, ages somewhere between 11 and 15, were in the back seat, sleeping, or at least quiet. In front, I was half dozing as Dave drove. The radio was tuned to a local station playing music, probably country. During a commercial break, somehow I focused on a voice reading this message – in time to catch all the words, and I repeated them to myself until I could write them down. We weren’t told who wrote it, or whose voice we heard – only that the message was presented by a furniture store in a nearby town, with no mention of the business except its name. But for over a quarter of a century, these words have remained in my mind as the clearest reminder of the spirit of Christmas.

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    Beautiful. This is exactly what I have been trying to return to at Christmas. Thank you.