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December ATC Food


Hilary Locke

December ATC Food

Mincemeat, the filling for a mince pie is made from dried fruits, nuts, sugar and spices mixed with alcohol. Served in bite size portions they are normally only eaten at Christmastime. I love them, especially if they are home made and served warm wit ha cup of tea.





BMU_CottageChristmas Sprig and bow

    I have to be honest I've never been brave enough to try a minced pie. Your minced pie looks very tempting and if you had it in front of me right now I would totally try it. Great page. I love that it doubles as an Ornament
    Yum looks great - it looks great as an ornament & do you have the recipe ??
    I love how you created your ornament! Wonderful background too - great ATC!
    Mince pie is one of my favorites, too! I love how you made yours an ornament. It looks great with the red background.
    You're right, it wouldn't be Christmas if there were no mince pies. Love your card.
    So cute! I like the hanging mince pie as an ornament! Delightful card!