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Week 30 July 22-28

Week 30 July 22-28

Another layout I did in August - I was really close to being caught up at the time.

July 22-28

We had a fun week with Mark and Annette here. I taught Annette how to make macarons on Monday. We made the pistachio ones with raspberry crème filling this time. Tuesday Annette and I went shopping for a serger. We got some fabric and threads for her too. We went raspberry picking, baked pies and cut out things to sew. Cathrine finished the quilt she was making for her friend's baby. It turned out really cute. Annette and Mark drove back to Utah on Saturday. Bob and I went to the jewelry store and picked out a new wedding ring since mine would have needed to be re-cast to fix it.

Thanks for looking!

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    Such fun in your house April and you and your girls look so happy and productive together. Love those macaroons and I enjoyed your journaling.
    LOVE the composition of your pages, April! I agree with Marilyn - such fun in your house! I've enjoyed seeing your pages - just awesome! Wish I could keep up! I don't know how you do everything you do! :) :)