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Feels Like I'm Always Waiting

Feels Like I'm Always Waiting

So, haven't scrapped in a while, and I guess you can guess why, LOL! I was so inspired by Kerry Veale's beautiful new collection, Adagio, that I felt a bit motivated to get a page together. I know it's very "busy," but I loved the paper and decided to contrast busy with the "bored" photo. Plus, after seeing so darn much white lately I just wanted to go full out gaudy! Lots of fun! TFL!

Journaling: I took this i-Phone self-picture in November while I was bored & between several diagnostic ultrasounds which were done that day. These were followed by additional ultrasounds, biopsies, MRIs and, ultimately, surgery. The waits between events seem so long, and the waits for lab results even longer. Now I am awaiting a treatment plan but, most of all, the end of all of this! Of course, I am grateful for early diagnosis and access to great medical care and treatment. I just need to learn patience, I guess. 12-30-12

Brandy Hackman: Brush Set: Snapshot Frames
Elisha Barnett: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: ATC Shadows
Kerry Veale: Adagio Collection Biggie
Kerry Veale: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Intaglio Biggie 7601
Kerry Veale: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Time Traveler 7602 Biggie
Sarah Batdorf: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Basic Shadows
Font: Lettering Delights Warm Heart Font

    How did you manage to take a boring wait-time photo in a boring hospital room and turn it into a thing of beauty? This is gorgeous, Dot! I love the autumnal colors, the graceful patterns, and the flowers, all so feminine and warm and even inviting. Fabulous textures and blending, too. I need to study this longer and try to figure out what you did here, so that I can learn even more from you than I have already. TFS!!
    Dot, this is both beautiful (not "busy") and a touching piece of self-expression. I love your gorgeous background and apt title and journaling and I like how your page reflects both the waiting and the craziness of these sorts of times. I also really like how the layout zeroes into YOU - the most important piece to your page, and shows how solitary it often feels in your position, no matter how much support you have around you.
    Super job and you should be proud of yourself for not only completing a LO - but aceing it. (is that a word?)
    Good luck in your treatment and take good care.

    We all happily make layouts of the special moments in our lives, but your layout about a time of uncertainty and anxiety in your life really struck me. The contrast of the paper and the sterile medical environment work beautifully together and is so creative. I hope that your treatment plan is successful and that the New Year brings healing for you.
    This layout really grabbed me! It is beautiful! A good idea to do positive -feel -good layouts at this time. I hope and pray everything goes well for you. You have the magic touch when putting things together for a layout!
    Diane and Marilyn said it all so well, Dot, so I'll just ditto their words and add that I think you are a very brave lady and you have such a great sense of humor which enables you to turn boring into beautiful. You just send out just positivity and it shows all over. I hope that your treatment plan is an easy one and that in 2013, this will all be behind you.
    Love and hugs, my good friend.
    Dot honey you captured this dreadful waiting period so perfectly! The wait DOES seem like forever whilst the chemo etc seems to fly by when you look back on it... once you have a plan in place it will all seem much easier. I love how you decided to take a photo to scrap this moment when really your heart must have been in your mouth the whole time. We have to learn to give ourselves over to medicine which is hard, the loss of control was a difficult lesson for me, as was patience!! The kit you chose not only highltights the starkness of your photo but also shows a kinship with Kerry at this time. We all need each other at these times :-)
    Beautiful page Dot!
    The richness of your LO is like an expression of you, love the colors you used and what you did--such a contrast and alive!
    Absolutely gorgeous Dot - I am so impressed that you have the concentration to scrap in these circumstances - I'm not sure I would be able to! Sending all good wishes your way.
    Dot, I just love this layout you created. All the colors, swirls, patterns, textures and flowers on the paper are incredible. I love the photo of you in the mirror, which is just hanging out along with you. Incredible vision!