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Fri 12-28 Cust Challenge - Favorite Food

Fri 12-28 Cust Challenge - Favorite Food

I have several "favorites" but brownies have to be #1; I like ANY kind of brownies! My DIL made these as a Christmas Eve treat. Obviously, I didn't snap the photo fast enough; by the time I got the camera, the brownies were mostly gone. (I admit that one of the reasons I didn't get the camera right away was that I might have possibly participated in the brownie raid, lol.)

BMU_ShabbyBakery_BakeryStringBow 1 and 2 and CookieCutter-Heart and YUM;

    Mmmm... yummy!!! I have to say I would have been right there with you... fingers not forks!!! Fun sweet page :-)
    Oh.. So funny Diane - I think I saw that pan of brownies and tried a few crumbs myself. I love how you highlighted the photo with the lace frame and I really like how you used the collection - the page is balanced and pretty and looks wonderful. Your title is great and I enjoyed your notes, too.
    Your LO screams YUM-YUM! Love the playful font you used in the title and the cookie embellies look yummy, too. Your photo lights a fire over here -- I'll make brownies & serve w/ ice cream for a New Year's treat today! My DS's FAV!!!

    Yummy from here too! Love the brown and white mix of polka dots, scallops and embellishments, and of course the sweet brownie angel! I'm inspired and hungry!
    So cute! I actually think the "almost gone brownies" make a better story--look how much they were enjoyed. Layout is marvelous, with wonderful touches everywhere.
    Me me...I ate them all! ;) Super cute layout! I like the scalloped frame and border on the bottom. I also like the glass of milk, cute touch! Thanks for joining the challenge!
    Mmmmmm I love brownies too. Looks like there is still enough left for me to have a piece too. I like the empty-ish pan for the photo. It tells so much of a store rather than a full pan. Great job on this challenge.
    Hysterical! Love it. I like brownies too....