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Week 32 August 5-11

August 5-11


Sunday was another hot and humid day. I found this fun cucumber in the garden. There were several others trying to look like letters. I think maybe the cucumbers are trying to write me a message. Tuesday night Cathrine, Charlotte and I attended Cami Morgan's bridal shower. The girls picked up her present at the toy store. They sure do cute wrapping there. Friday night we attended Cami's wedding reception at the Governor Hotel. It was beautiful. Saturday we enjoyed the pool and I prepared a talk for church on Sunday.


Thanks for looking!


So, a "small world" story for you - Cami is one of my daughter's best friends, her older sister is Cathrine's bff. They met after we moved to this house 12 1/2 years ago. It took me a few weeks to place who they really were... their father grew up a few miles from me in Santa Barbara and their grandmother was one my mom's best friends.

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Great photos and layout, April and I laughed at your vegetables and their messages. I enjoyed your journaling and PS - loved your "small world" story and I have one much the same myself.

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