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Week 31 July 29-August 4

Week 31 July 29-August 4

July 29 - August 4

Sunday night Patty and her family arrived! Monday afternoon we went berry picking and I made 5 pies. Tuesday morning I made waffles . There weren't very many leftovers from a quadruple batch. I took some family photos for them in the back yard before they left to attend a family reunion. Thomas enjoyed playing with the camera when I was done. Thursday Cathrine had her dental school friends over for quilting. I picked up my ring Friday morning. Saturday was over 100 degrees. Bob and I enjoyed the pool until our fingers wrinkled. I made lots of crumpled paper flowers for a project I'm working on.

Thanks for looking!

And now you know what I was really doing in my avatar photo. My sister took it.

    Your photos and journaling are wonderful and draw me right into yout pretty page. I really like the soft green background you used and are you kidding? FIVE pies?? Wow.....
    This is a really nice spread April. I agree with Marilyn, the green is a lovely accent!
    Great photos. You're catching up.
    I really like how you've fitted so many beautiful photos on the page without it being cluttered. What a busy week you had. Great date heading. Kay