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HNC white space?

HNC  white space?

well there is some white..lol... not sure if this counts as white space..please let me know what you think

but i really wanted to make the photo big and in searching my stash saw this great jiffy bonus page i hadnt used and modified it a little to make a page in under an hour..

i have a whole series of "lifestyle" type photos i took of dgs playing office... maybe will use some more for another page

does the legs of the dining room table behind my dgs bother you...i could see about photoshopping them out...just was going for speed here


    What a darling photo! I really like the border you used with this. Fantastic page.
    Great clarity and richness of color in your photo, plus he is adorable! I really like your arrangement and journaling.
    Beautiful photo! I especialy like the perspective. I like the simplicity of your arrangement; there are a lot of pieces but they all take second place to that adorable face!
    Love your LARGE photo. Fantastic focus on such a cute little man.
    I recognised your adorable Nathan stright away. This is such a lovely page - so little clutter, giving the photo pride of place. I would say you've "achieved" white space just fine.
    I love the perspective of the photo too! Really like the border of embellishments under the photo. I probably wouldn't have paid attention to the table leg if you hadn't mentioned it, especially since it is blurred. But since you mentioned it (!), I do think the page would look better if you photoshop it out. Great page. He is a real cutie!
    Love the large photo, and the table leg is fine - I think it helps give detail to the photo about how little Nathan is and where he plays office... I think the photo gives enough rest space for the eye but as to whether it is white space or not- I truly don't know.... great shot though!
    The border on that JIFFY page works really well with your cute photo. I wouldn't worry about the table leg, it isn't in focus and doesn't distract from Nathan.
    Wonderful photo - the table leg doesn't bother me at all, in fact, kinda supports the whole office theme IMO. The JIF border works great with this!