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Week 34 August 19-15

I actually did these pages several months ago, but just didn't post them. So while it may look like I'm furiously catching up, I'm really not this far behind. wink.gif



Sunday night Cathrine and Charlotte made caramel corn. Monday we finished cleaning up the yard and got the 20 yard drop box filled. I took out my stitches on Tuesday. Funny that my hand stopped hurting after they came out. Wednesday was Charlotte's last day working at the toy store. Cathrine went to take some photos of her. Thursday morning I drove her to the airport for another year at BYU. Friday evening we went to a wedding reception (disguised as a carnival) at the Wilkes. It was a little cool, but loads of fun. Saturday we cleaned the carpets, picked a huge bowl of green beans from the garden and went out to Pasta Pronto for dinner because we were all exhausted from working so hard all day


Thanks for looking!


So Charlotte worked at the toy store to save up money for study abroad in London in the Spring. So neat that there was a "Charlotte goes to London" book in the toy store. Must be a sign. wink.gif

Oh, I think I was going to give her that book for Christmas.... whoops, there is always her birthday.


Memoirs Antique Paper Mats Mini

The rest is mine.

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I keep thinking I will start scrapping for this challenge this year but I keep thinking I will just get behind! your girls are just beautiful, April!

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