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Week 33 August 12-18

Week 33 August 12-18

August 12-18 (I'm still working on 2012, but I'm really finishing up October)

Monday I cut my hand while slicing vegetables with a new knife. It required 5 stitches. The vegetable garden is producing nicely. Thursday was our 26th wedding anniversary. We went to dinner on the waterfront and enjoyed a walk in the 100 degree heat. Friday morning Thomas got an even shorter haircut. I don't think we took a photo of it though. I had a drop box delivered Friday and we worked on pruning trees and shrubs in the back yard and getting things cleaned up all day Saturday. I did a bit more pruning work than I should have and one of the stitches pulled through.

Thanks for looking!
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    What gorgeous and colorful photos and congrats on your big event. Ouch for your hand and glad it's all better now. Lovely page.