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Thursday Challenge 1/3/2013


Laura Blumenstein

Thursday Challenge 1/3/2013

SNU Slice it Up layout template, TYO Main St Holiday word art special, BMU WC Paper 2 Special, SQS Candy Cane Christmas bordder 3

    I agree: decorating the house is a fun and great Christmas tradition! I love the things you've put around your house. Everything looks warm and inviting -- and definitely ready for the big day! I like the interesting way you've presented the photos and your festive embellishments. Lovely!
    Love the LO of this page! The word art is awesome too! Nicely done!
    Your home looks lovely all decorated for Christmas. I love your journalling because I give my daughters, SILS and now DGS an ornament every year also. Such sweet memories and a wonderful layout detailing these memories.
    Great use of the slice-it-up template, it looks wonderful.! Love your alphas and I really enjoyed your journaling too, great job!
    I enjoyed your touching journaling and I really like your photos and the template you used. Great layout.
    Love your word art. Great job splitting up the photo. Wonderfully done.
    The uneven splitting of the photograph originally caught my eye, but I also like the topic of the page, my pictures of Christmas are usually about the people and it is nice to capture where you spent the time.
    I really like the way the photo turned out with the Slice it up Template...I need to use these more often! Great journaling, and important memory to document! Thanks for joining the challenge!