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Project 52: Week 49

This was a hard one. Here's my week 49.

Journaling reads:

"This was a very hard week beginning with Mom most definitely failing and ending with her death... In between I functioned - Monday Erica & Ali brought our Christmas tree & decorated a bit. Later Conkie brought dinner from Ricci's. I worked on my Hybrid ATCs... Tuesday Susan & Grace came & we had nurse problems... Wednesday - Yoga & mailed hybrids... Thursday Mom woke early & I talked to her. She ever-so-lightly squeezed my hand so I knew she heard. Lori returned from Israel, I stopped to say hi, then to Costco & Terry's for a few hours to help with her tree... Friday - crazy day with nurses, etc calling & coming, Mike & Conkie stopped by. I needed a nap so badly but there wasn't a moment... Saturday I made a recipe card with Mom's sugar cookie recipe then ran to Costco to pick up photos. Anne Marie stayed later to help me, but I was home alone early evening when Mom stopped breathing. Judi was on phone & Susan came. Mom later left our home through lit Christmas lights which she loved... :( "

For this layout I used:

MRE SS Embellishment Templates: Windowpane Frames

DEB Fade to Gray Collection Biggie

LD Slender Font

BMU SSTools -Styles: Sequin Sparkle Gradients 8501 Super Biggie

ACA Iridescence Collection Biggie

and my own photos

  Report Image

Photo Information


Hugs, Marilyn! I know how you've struggled through this and my heart goes out to you - this had to be a very hard layout to do - I hope you found some comfort in doing it - and I hope that your heart is finding some peace now - much love to you, my dear friend. Thinking about you.

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I know you have been through a hard few weeks and I applaud you for getting back to this - your heartfelt words are thoughtful and honest and yet do not dwell on the sadness you feel, but rather celebrate the joy of your mums life... and the wonderful support of your family and friends... I enjoued reading your page, knowing this must have been both hard for you but also comforting. Love the photos, especially the one of mum as you remember her, well done.

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Oh, Marilyn, I couldn't read this without tears. I'm amazed at your ability to make a coherent and lovely layout of this difficult week. I especially like the photo of your mother in better times. This is how we will all remember her.

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I missed this one! Love this page! This is so touching, and I hope it helps you to do this wonderful tribute to your Mom. Bless you!

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