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Project 52: Week 50

Another hard week and to scrap - I wanted to show all the comfort and support of family around, but not a lot of room for more journaling.

I'm closing in on this year and determined to finish this project. TFL

Journaling reads:

"Sunday Auntie Sue arrived to stay a bit, Conkie came & Susan sent dinner... Monday, so happy Judi & Skeeter arrived, Aunt Catherine brought baked goods & Judi & I planned Mom's Mass at Notre Dame. We were quite particular since she considered it the "most important part."... Susan, Stephen, Karen, Bruce, Zach & Ro arrived with more dinner & to stay. So good to be together, Susan even gave haircuts... Tuesday, Mom's funeral - a beautiful Mass. In a beautiful testament to her life the church was so full we ran out of prayer cards. After the cemetery Grace & Susan had a lovely lunch where we could be with everyone. Sad to see cousins leave later, but we said "see you in 2 weeks" for Christmas... Wednesday Judi, Skeet & I went to Kohls, visited Conk's lake house, then we all had dinner at Ricci's... Thursday Skeet & I got coffee & groceries & she made breakfast. Sad when Auntie Sue left, then Judi... Friday - yoga, bank & stopped to see Margie & Ayla who made me smile... Unbelievably, Saturday - a week since Mom died. I ordered at Golfsmith, watched the Girones bake cookies & later went for an early dinner, food shopping & ice cream. We all remembered how last time Mom devoured the banana split she & I were supposedly sharing. This time I ate it all by myself... "

For this layout I used:

MRE SS Embellishment Templates: Windowpane Frames

DEB Fade to Gray Collection Biggie

LD Slender Font

and my own photos

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I am so touched at how you handled this page... with such dignity and openness... you have let us into your family and shared with us your suffering but also the love you are surrounded by. I am so delighted to see teh ircle of people around you, your pages have always showed a wide circle of friends and family and I am enjoying seeing them all here again. Great to see so many pics in a tough week and I do like how your side-by-side pages match. Almost at the end now!

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Marilyn, this is such a lovely page, and a wonderful way to remember your mother. So sorry for your loss; do enjoy the "sweet" memories.

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Beautifully done page. Your journaling is especially sweet and touching. I'm glad I could be there at your Mom' funeral Mass and afterwards. Amazing that you took the time to take photos, but also a great way to remember.

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Oh, Marilyn..........what a heartfelt layout - I agree with Jody's comment - allowing us into your family's tragedy is so special and your journaling is so special. I know you are still suffering and remembering all of the wonderful memories of your Mom - it must have been very difficult to scrap this page but I hope it brought you some peace and comfort. Your Mom was such a special lady to have a daughter as loving as you are and I know she is smiling down at you right now. Such a tough week for you and I know it's going to take time to recover from the hurt you are feeling. You were a wonderful daughter and in spite of of the tragedy's you always were there for her. I know you miss her and please know that I am always thinking of you and praying that peace and comfort will come soon. God Bless You for taking such good care of your Mom -

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