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Here's my layout using the color palette from the random generator.


Journalling: This photo was taken just after my grandparents, Bob and Mabel Coder, moved to Arizona in 1994. As a kid, I remember them spending the winters with us in Ohio and the summers with my cousins in Arizona. I’m not sure why they chose that rotation instead of the more traditional “snowbird” version, but my guess is that it was easier for Grandpa to haul their big camper in the good weather. They moved out to Tuscon to be closer to my Aunt and Uncle in Wilcox. Grandma and Grandpa were both avid gardeners in Ohio, and Grandma had a hard time giving up her flowers. That first year, she had a pot on their front walk that she tried to keep alive. Eventually, she settled for more native plants and artificial ones like the Christmas tree in the photo.


Supplies are in the EXIF.

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Wonderful journaling and a great photo! I love the mix of colors and the way you've arranged the pieces behind the photo. I might have to scrap lift this one! :D

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