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Patriotic May

Mlady Di
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First time to try any calendar. I didn't think the photo fit the template photo area, so I "colored outside the lines" and used the photo as background. I wasn't happy with parchment paper behind May, so I tried using the same Intaglio Style I used on the dates, line, and year, on the mat. To delineate the photo from the mat, I began with a skinny line, then kept increasing its width until I liked it. I erased part of the line to let the flags in my photo show through. The result is far from my usual style, so suggestions on what I could do differently to improve it would be appreciated.

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Great work - sometimes you fiddle with things and get a great look like you did here. well done.

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Looks kind of neat just like this. I think it was a great idea to use the big photo for the background.

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