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Jumpstart January Task 4 My Dress


Hilary Locke

Jumpstart January Task 4 My Dress


ASO_SoElemtry_Paper and flowers
ATR_SSemb_GrannysAttic embellies

    Oh, this is just gorgeous and so were you. Beautiful wedding dress - I can't believe you made it yourself, how special. I really love your background blending and enjoyed your journaling. I like the way you included the smaller pic and your title, too. Great layout, Hilary.
    Wow! What a beautiful dress and I love your description of it! I can't believe you made it yourself (this coming from someone who groans when she has to sew a button on!) - beautiful blending, Hilary and I love your layout! Beautifully done! You were a lovely bride! And a very talented one!
    You look lovely! So does your LO. I love that you used the photo twice. Once small and the blended one is beautiful. Great page.
    awwww, this is so pretty and loved reading about your dress, so sweet!
    Beautful layout! You are a talented seamstress and a talented scrapper. Love the blended photo and the small photo in the cluster. Very clever.
    It looks lovely. I remember that kind of material too, I think - a friend of mine used it for a dress she made for a special dance and I went to the store because her color vision wasn't very good. Your dress is gorgeous and the little cap looks very nice. the soft blending looks really pretty. (I can't believe you made your dress, you must be an accomplished seamstress!)
    Beautiful sepia tone and lovely dreamy background. The cap is perfect. What a beautiful bride you are - love it all!
    Beautiful! I love that you made your dress. I did, too. I really like the soft dreamy look and the blending. Great job!
    What a beautiful dress... can hardly believe that you made it... it's gorgeous & your look so sweet :)
    Beautiful page and fabulous clustering. Your dress is gorgeous and those aren't easy fabrics to work with.