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Winter 2013

Winter 2013

So many pretty winter signatures, I'm inspired to update my summery looking one. I wish I knew how people got such pretty detailed graphics.

I used:
fonts:Serif Bold Italic, Segoe UI Bold Italic
Created with GIMP

    Oh but Aggie this one is so pretty and looks so twinkly and wintery to me - pretty detailed. Love the colors you used and all the sparkles and how you curved your name. Cool new Siggie.
    Very pretty winter siggy Aggie - I love it!
    Love your winter siggie!

    And yours is a lovely winter siggie also! Very nice.
    Gorgeous Aggie. Love the curved text and the deep blue background highlighting the snow laden branch. I just want to jump right in and get cool!
    I LOVE that curved text and your gorgeous blue background. Beautiful winter siggie, Aggie!