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20121206 1st certificate

20121206 1st certificate

A layout of my daughter's first achievement certificate. I'd bought the grid template to help me deal with her artwork, but I loved the suggestion in the ebook to use it for other childhood memorabilia as well, so I've included a scan of the certificate and badge.

I've really struggled getting the correct papers and embellishments on this layout, but I'm happy with it now after trying most of the collections I've got!


We didn’t know you were being assessed for a certificate, although we noticed the class was a different style to normal. There was less apparatus time than normal, and you spent a lot of the class stood in a hoop. Some of the assessments were standing on one leg, rolling and catching a ball and doing a forward roll


AFT_LifeMon_Alpha_C copy

The new items were:

Everyday Moments
Life Montage
Young Man (retired)
Flea Market
Schoolpaper style (retired)

    How exciting - congratulations to your dd. I really like the gymnastic series and this is a neat design.
    Lovely Kate and wonderful way to use the product. Sweet photos and I really like how you included everything that goes with this event on the page. Great layout.
    What a great page! that photo in the brhs is such a good idea! Well done!
    Great idea to include scanned copies of the memorabilia from the event. Really makes the layout special. Love the gymnastic sequence in the photo. You have every right to be "so proud" of her!
    Love all the things you included on this page - they tell a story she can be proud of. She looks so pleased - rightfully so!
    What a great page! I love the way you put it together, the photos, the certificates, and everything that tells the story. What a keepsake!
    Lovely page & congratulations to little Beth on such an achievement!
    All the work you did on this really paid off. It looks fantastic. And congratulations to your daughter!
    I love the split up photo in the bottom left. Great photos, colors, and embellishments. Well done page!
    Wonderful bright colors. I like the way the layout leads the eye around the page.