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Jan ATC Carpe Diem


Hilary Locke

Jan ATC Carpe Diem

With so many of my dear friends suffering health and family problems, it seemed right that my resolution this year is to "seize the day". TFL


    Beautiful ATC, Hilary and I totally agree - sometimes I have to remind myself of "carpe diem" in the morning or the day seizes me and I don't like it when that happens! Beautifully done card!
    So very true...one never know how many more one is going to have to seize! You have used my absolute favorite scrapping tool...Brandy's Ultimate Artist. Your photo looks like an oil painting...beautiful effect.
    Very well done and inspirational too!
    Wonderful ATC and great New Year's resolution Hilary. I love the photo you chose too. Very nicely done!
    This is so beautiful and a real work of art. I love your photo treatment and framing and the way you made your title. Great ATC.
    What a gorgeous card! And I love the sentiment. A good resolution, for sure!
    Great motto & I do like the font and the different colors. The ship is spectacular - I love that painterly effect and the frame is perfect for it. I've added it to my favorites.
    Just beautiful!
    A wonderful focus for each day ... pray you live it well!! Beautiful card ... could sit and look and "enjoy the moment" ... look forward to this being in my collection!