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Week 41 October 7-13

Week 41 October 7-13

Sunday was General Conference and I made cinnamon rolls. Actually, they are caramel rolls, but we just call them cinnamon rolls. We also barbecued some pork tenderloins and I took photos of the flowers to give me something pretty to look at until spring comes around again. Thomas wore plaid for twin day at school- though it looks like they're really triplets. Cathrine hosted another quilt night . Most of the girls are getting close to finishing their quilts.

Thanks for looking!

These are the pages I was really working on last week. Hopefully the next few weeks' pages will go a lot faster!

Just Before Dawn Collection Biggie
Ribbon is mine

    Beautiful pages and photos! I like the variety of photo sizes.
    I just love your pages, April - always full of pretty photos and intersting journaling. Great layout.