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Sorry I can't join the chat again today, but here is my Circle layout. Supplies in EXIF

Journalling: You have loved to scribble since you were 16 or 17 months old. You started with a pencil and then your Mom bought crayons. You love those and know all of the colors. Your favorite color is “puple”. You can’t quite get the “r” in there yet. That is the color you always ask for or pull out first. You fill page after page of scribbles, but you are pretty good at drawing circles too. You will often choose to scribble even when there are lots of toys to choose from. You also love it when we write your name, and sometimes when you want to write, you will just say your name. At this time you are using both hands pretty well. December 2012

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So cute! I love the look of concentration on his face. Greatr "puple" bg paper, and your adorable embellishments look perfect with those golf balls in the photo. I think he's inherited your artistic skills, Karen! Yay!

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Oh, so cute! He does look so engrossed in his work. I love to see little ones interested in arts and crafts. For many years I gave my nieces and nephews a craft box for Christmas. My sister really loved it. The bit of scribbled paper peeking out is such a neat touch.

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I love this LO soooo much! First of all, the editor in me had a momentary freak-out when I saw "puple" but then I quickly realized it was a quote from your little darling. That is probably the sweetest title I've seen on a LO in a long time - because it's a perfect way to accentuate the memory of how he said it at this stage of life. Second, this LO reminds me of my son (now 15) who has been drawing since those early days, too, and it has been amazing to see how he has progressed over the years. He could "outdraw" me at probably age 6! Hint: Hit Target and Walmart right after the back-to-school sales end and the items go on deep clearance. I've learned that's the time to pick up dozens of spiral notebooks for cheap-cheap-cheap - b/c he still goes through them like crazy. I've found them for 10 for a quarter at Target before - and filled up my shopping basket with them! Meanwhile, enjoy these precious days! Thanks for sharing this LO. :-)

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very sweet and creative--love that he enjoys drawing and so interested in it above toys, it will be neat to see what he does in his life. very cool!

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