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Thursday Challenge 1/10/13

A Dog and his Boy...




Bowser and his boy Zach. After we moved, Bowser had a few “run ins” with the neighbor dogs. On two different occasions he was attacked on our property and we had to rush him to the vet. He survived both attacks and is left with this crazy hair cut! Bowser is now 11 and has been a great companion. Zach was 9 when we brought Bowser home as a puppy.


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This is so nice. I like the way you have everything layered and it is so well balanced. How cute is the paper with paws on it!

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I was so shocked reading this, but what a brave boy! LOVE how you wrote it as if Zach is Bowser's pet, too funny! Smiling at the name too- Zach is a Mario Bros fan, huh? Great pics of your boys, and I love all the little embellishments, especially that tree. Wonderful!

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Jodie-it's funny we talk to Bowser about "his boy"...he knows if we ask "where's your boy" who we are talking about! Or, "your boy is home". :)/> I didn't realize Bowser's name came from Mario Bros at the time...

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Oh, poor Bowser! My friend's dog was attacked in the street and he was kind of traumatized, but in your own yard?!! Cute idea with the title and a nice design - I like the colors and clusters of photos.

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I'm not a doggie person but I love this LO. Really like the little doggie embellishments and the earthy colours. Great page!

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Awwww, the poor guy:( I hope the neighbors have their dogs firmly under control now - yikes.

Wonderful page - love the tilt of the background, the hints of brighter colors on the brown, and that handsome, handsome dog:)

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