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Remember This


2012 Jennifer Ziegler

Remember This

I didn't realize my wedding was so eventful until I started jotting highlights on my journaling card! :)

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    Weddings definitely have highlights to remember and it is amazing to rekindle relationships with those we are connected with--really like the colors you used and the journaling.
    Wonderful photos and I love the idea of jotting notes on the cards. I also love your idea of putting the cards into a virtual "protector" sheet. I've been eyeing the Dragonfly in Amber cards, but after seeing this, they will be my next purchase. Thanks!
    This is beautiful! I like the cards and love the colors you used.
    Oh my goodness, rattlesnakes?! yikes! I'm glad all ended well, I think:) The cards are perfect with the photos - as is the page protector!