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Jumpstart January Task 8 - Bandaloni


© Amy Sauke

Jumpstart January Task 8 - Bandaloni


journaling reads "He was so fascinating to watch! Guitar in hand, bass drum, snare and high hat on his feet, plus harmonica and vocals to top it off. Amazing!"

I scraplifted Laurel Lakey's Stars Were Gleaming Brush Set Layout and used my new found knowledge about blending from Brandy Murry's Breaking Down the Layout Blending Tutorial Video.

thanks for looking! I appreciate it.

    Cool layout. The blended background picture makes a wonderful backdrop for the interesting close-up pictures and the music notes.
    Nice blending job, not only on your photo but on the borders.
    Very neat photos and man. Your blending is wonderful - on the photo and the colored borders. I like the way you framed your pics and the colors you used.
    Great use of detailed photos over the large blended one. Your title is fun.
    I love the big photo blended into the background
    Great blending. Well done page.
    I love it! You did a wonderful job on the blending and clustering. Great work! :)
    I imagine he would be fun to watch/hear! Neat page!