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Jumpstart Jan Task #8 - Tomboy

Jumpstart Jan Task #8 - Tomboy

Whatever DGD's older brother could do, she was determined to do also - including sports. OK, not football. She can turn on a dime and be the complete princess.

I scrap-lifted SeeWhatSueSaw's layout - Cherish

Supplies in EXIF

    I absolutely LOVE everything about this! Fabulous journaling, a great photo, beautifully framed, fantastic paper layering. Favorites bound!
    this is beautiful! It all so wonderfully compliments each other....very heartfelt journaling, too! She looks like a beauty-inside and out! Nicely done!
    Interesting combination of the mud splatters and the flowers. Lovely flowers, too. I have a niece like this so I really appreciate your journaling
    Just gorgeous Betty - your grandaughter and your page. I really enjoyed your journaling and I love the soft green you used as background. Your photo is so beautifully masked and your embellishment cluster so pretty. I really like the spots of color around the page - super layout and really sweet.
    This is a great layout, it works so well with the picture, both feminine and muddy :) I really like the use of the flowers with the slatters
    Looks lovely Bet! Gorgeous girl = the princess, - shown off in all the grunge = the tomboy... wonderful colours and I like how you used the stitched frame, great page.
    Fab layout. You've managed to capture both the pretty girl and the tomboy to perfection.
    Lovely LO Bet! I love the cluster
    Love the grunge effect in such great soft colors. It really displays the tomboy feeling so nicely. She is a beatiful girl and your journaling was wonderful to read. I am sure she will love this layout.
    Great grunge look. Well done page. I like the large circle.