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In God We Trust

In God We Trust

Created for a contest layout using "12th of Never" & their template + it has more than 13 Embellishments for Monday 7th Challenge here!

Credits go to ~
Keep Scrappin' Designs - Template: The Scrapper v.1a
Jen Reed - "12th of Never" ScrapGirls January Club 2013
Font - HelvCondensed and WordArt [Included]

FACT ~ On Sept 11th terrorists attacked the NY Twin Towers. Photo from News Website. Another FACT being that this lady "Genelle Guzman-McMillan" shown, copied off the front cover of her Audible Book called "Angel in the Rubble: The Miraculous Rescue of 9-11's Last Survivor" ~ was found by a Search 'n Rescue Dog after 27hrs buried alive. Genelle had drifted away from God but after being buried alive she turned to God for forgiveness & she's now still living in NY & trusting in God ~ "In God We Trust" [Copy of coin from News Site today! - erased edges & adjusted]

    Such a difficult subject to scrap, especially as we don't live there... but I like how you took a different angle on it and personalised it with Genelle's story. The coin is clever and I think you did a great job with the word art and photo placements... well done!
    I agree with jode2771, above: a difficult subject to scrap. Genelle's story is fascinating, and I like your treatment of the embellishments.
    Beautiful LO for a very emotional subject. I think you did a great job. Love your embellies!
    Thanks ladies for your lovely comments - we have friends in NY & have heard Genelle's story & others relating to 9-11 & we feel the tragedy as well even though we don't live there - it has affected the world & Genelle's story of survival is so uplifting!