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newsletter 11jan13

newsletter 11jan13

Two of my very favourite things - girlie and grunge. That pretty much sums me up to be honest :-D I adored making this layout and sharing how I did it, can't wait to see some other girlie grunge in the galleries!


font: LD Noodge

    Oh - I just loved this layout in the Newsletter Jode and your tutorial was wonderful. Super background, blending and recolouring. I am continually in awe of how you so beautifully create a gorgeous whole out of so many different pieces and colors. I never thought of girlie and grunge together, but you do it so easily and in such a pretty way too. I love your title and how colorful your page is and I really like your special lotus flower with hearts. Super page and work. You go girl.
    Super layout! Thanks so much for sharing how you did it. Not only is it helpful to get the step-by-step to one of your fabulous layouts, but you've journaled a great message. I love the colors you used, and I love that you used one of my favorite go-to collections: Bespoke.
    Beautiful layout! Thanks for the peek into your process in the newsletter, it was super informative and I can't wait to give it a try.
    Oh my gosh, Jody, I LOVE this! Everything about it, I wouldn't know where to start with specifics. ;)
    I love this Jody!!! Saving it to my favorites.. one day I'll work up the nerve to try scraplifting it :)