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Jumpstart January 2013 - The Old Brick Powerplant

Jumpstart January 2013 - The Old Brick Powerplant

This old powerplant is right off the highway between Metaline Falls and the Canadian border. We stopped to get some photos
of it and I fell in love with it. It's such a beautiful old building.

Scraplifted from Jode's Yesterday I just loved the old fashioned
look of her layout and the old buildings in the photo. Very nostalgic.

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    Oh Jan! I saw this in the strip and was drawn in by the old building and title!! I love old buildings! This page is flattering, thank you! You have done a wonderful job making your photo the star of the page, embellishing and keeping the background as supporting pieces... your journalling is so emotive too... I was swept up in it and now I too am wondering what is in that old powerplant! Thankyou and well done!
    Such a beautiful photo. It has such as peaceful feel and I can almost hear the rushing of water. Very evocative and lovely layout.
    Beatiful Jan! I love this photo and how you framed it
    Pretty photo and page. I like the background you used and how you put it all together.
    Lovely- the border highlights the gorgeous photo so nicely. Wonderful journaling - old buildings are great, aren't they - and your musing just drew me right in.
    Such pretty photo, beautiful earth tones. I really like how you put your background together and the pretty framing for your photo. I really enjoyed your journaling too and also wonder what it is like inside.
    Love your boarder. Great job on this page.
    Like the way youve softened the edges of the photo. what a great palce to visit.
    This is a great layout. I really like the brushwork around the picture, it connects it to the border without them becoming the same item. Definitely a worthwhile stop on your journey (particularly if it is ever purchased and changed or the water damages it).
    love the lacy edges & that font is perfect against the rugged old building