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Project SG Left Side Nov 15th-30th

Project SG Left Side Nov 15th-30th

I used

ABR Everyday Moments 1 & @
AMC Free DLOTemp (parts)

Only 2 more pages to GO!!!

    I need to add Nov 15 - 30th so I don't get confused!!! ASAP
    Such a sweet photo -- this could be a favorite for a very long time! :D I love the colors here and especially the spatter heart as a mat behind the photo. Lovely page, Shannon!
    What a precious photo! I agree with Dianne, this one is going to be a favorite photo for years!
    That is a sweet photo. The colors are great & I like the clusters & the spatter heart.
    Oh such a sweet photo and page. You are getting close to done, I breathed a sigh of relief finishing up my year. Great work Shannon..
    great photo