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Jan 2013 ATC 1 - "BE"


In thinking of a New Year's goal or resolution I realized it's hard to pay attention to yourself while caring for others. In reflecting what I'd want for myself - it was to "BE". I then started listing all the different parts of ME I'd like to be a part of my BE-ing. I also tried blending my face into the page, but not sure it shows.

Words read:

"BE -----

ME, thoughtful, kind, REAL, spiritual, brave, content, truthful, embodied, open, peaceful, meaningful, present, honest"

That's a start and quite a bit to work with for now.

For this ATC I used:

ASO Ponder Collection

BMU SS Tools: Actions - Sketch It

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Oh, this is awesome, Marilyn! You did a wonderful job of blending your face into the background - I noticed it right away before I even read your journaling! Just BE ME has long been something I say to myself too but I love all of the ways you've shown on your ATC! Beautifully done! Love the puzzle pieces - we ARE puzzles, aren't we? LOL

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Your face does show, you can see it just peering through, like a window into the soul! I really love the blending modes you used to include so many puzzle pieces and how you wrote little pieces of yourself on each one... after your last few years and months I think you really deserve to just BE. Great card :-)

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That's quite a goal you've set for yourself, and very admirable! Yes, your face came through just right and how perfect is it that you used the Ponder collection for this? Great ATC!

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Great resolution! I love the idea of using the puzzle pieces to show different bits of YOU. Nice idea, too, of putting yourself literally into the ATC. Your eyes are subtly peeking out. :)

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You did a great job Marilyn. I like how you blended your face into the background. Love the muted colors and those great puzzle pieces. Beautiful goals to aspire to.

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