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Jenrou_My Great Grandparents-Jumpstart 2nd week

Jenrou_My Great Grandparents-Jumpstart 2nd week

My inspiration is (one of) is April's http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/139250-duffey-family-1910/

William G. R. and Mary Belle F. R.

Uncle Billy, (as he was called) as a young boy walked with his family's wagon train from Alabama to Texas. All of the family farmed, and he sold vegetables from a horse and small cart. He married Mary Belle and had a large family. As you can see from the derringer stuck in his waist-band, it was a hard life, protecting family property.

As they got older, they lived with my grandparents in the house in the photo. It was called the Old Place, and where eventually I was born.

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    This is just lovely, Jean. Special photo and you framed and embellished it so lovely - your cluster is beautiful and I love the heirloom look to your page. Super layout.
    special page with great old photo..i thought it was going to be one of aprils..lol..u did a great job on this layout
    this is really nice. I love the scripted page; perfect for an heirloom photo.
    Absolutely beautifully done! fantastic page. Love the scatter and the colors.
    What a great characterful photograph. Love the positioning of all the elements - especially the journaling.
    Lovely heritage page. How nice that you know so many details about their lives and can pass them on.
    How nice to have this old photo. I love your design and the nice-looking background with the soft colors and text.
    Wowie! I have been looking through the JJ Gallery and this jumps out! I love reading about other people's heritage and you have provided such wonderful detail here... terrific choices in colour and style to work with heritage photos too, and you used Antiquity which I find so adaptable... This is a beautiful beautiful page.
    o h o h how lovely! Love the muted colors and the white space of your layout. I really love it.
    Oooh, this is so pretty! I love the inspiration layout and I love yours too! The soft, muted colors mixed with the flowers and punch of glitter is a great combination. Well done!