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Creative Manifesto



Creative Manifesto

Visual reminders are a big help for me . . and sometimes I need to remind myself that it's okay to have fun, make messes, etc. So I came up with this "Creative Manifesto" and am printing it out 8x8 and hanging it by my desk. The background is a digital masterboard I made myself with some free watercolor brushes (and some SG flower brushes too but I have them turned off for this). Supplies in EXIF; thanks for looking.

    I like this. I've put my painting aside and miss it. Create when you can. I like your art splashes along with the letter.
    I like your manifesto! And I like the messy, colorful layout you gave it. Beautifully done, Dianne!
    Love your manifesto, Dianne - and you are so right - housework does eventually get done but these are the things we tend to put off - I love your reminder to be creative! Beautifully done!
    Great journaling and manifesto Diane. And your layout is so colorful and pretty and creative.
    This is great! I especially love #4 ~ :)
    I love this! Beautiful thoughts on a beautiful, artistic, messy-in-a-very-good-way layout! :)