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24dec12 Unity Challenge

24dec12 Unity Challenge

There is nothing like being on time, and AGAIN, this is nothing like it!

I had this wonderful photo that Aidan took on my camera on Christmas Day, I caught him sneakily about to press the button and leaned in towards Darren, we were quite unstaged and yet I was rewarded with this great shot! Maybe I should get Aidan some photography classes??


    It's a gorgeous, wonderful, fabulous photo of you and Darren, Jody! I think you should definitely think about photography for Aidan! LOVE the simplicity of your layout which just lets that beautiful pic of you two shine! I can see the joy in your eyes! Great shot, Aidan!
    Wonderful photo of you both and love that your LO is busy yet the photo really stands out :)
    Gorgeous Jody and great layout as always. Hope you staying cool.
    What a perfect photo! When I saw this I thought for sure it was a professional shot! Wonderful LO Jody, it lets that photo just stand out beautifully. :)
    Oh my gosh Jody, this is an amazing photo and LO. Don't you just love getting a nice photo and it's special because Aidan took it. Always better when they aren't too posed. Great job. Yep,I agree about the classes. Lovely to have them interested early. Hugs Kay
    Beautiful! Love the line of embellishments on the row of stitching. Do you mind if I scrap lift this idea?
    Wow - hand the kid the camera more often! This is a wonderful shot and looks like a studio portrait. I love how you've kept the rest of the page simple with just the texture of writing in the bg and your fabulous clusters.
    Amazing Jode. Super pretty photo and AIdan took it - wow, you DO have a budding photographer following in mum's footsteps. I like how you scrapped it in black and white with just touches of soft color. I also really like how you raised it for emphasis and stitched it on your page with a pretty embellishment cluster. Lovely page - and you and Darren sure look like you fit "just right" together. Special page...
    Wonderful photo of the two of you. Lovely layout. I like the simplicity of it. Nice.
    Lovely photo Jody. Aiden must take after his Mom. His photography is super! The B&W photo and background paper is perfectly embellished with the touches of color.