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16jn13 HNC _ Fonts

16jn13 HNC _ Fonts

I went a bit crazy with my fonts: I had decided to find all my favourite lyrics and so I used different fonts for each and different colours!

Credits: _all my fonts!_
2PEAS Arizona
2peas Hearts delight
2peas Scrapbook
2peas cookie dough
Anatol MN
Crushed out girl
Cup and Talon
DJ Candy Heart
Grenoble Medium
MTF Katrina
TXT Longhand

The photo and Green Day logo brush are all freebies from the internet.

    You are amazing Jode. I marvel at two of your layouts next to each other - both so entirely different, but each so incredibly wonderful. I love your use of font and color - that's a lot of different ones and you make them look pretty and part of the page design. . I like how much movement is in this page - super work.
    Very clever. Another amazing page.
    This is so cool. I really like how you used the different fonts and colors - perfect for the challenge!
    My goodness... you really jumped into fonts with both feet! I like the wackiness of your page and think it's a great idea to put all the song lyrics together. Love seeing Green Day blended into the background, too. Very cool.
    Love all your fun fonts. I enjoy Green Day too. My favorite line from their songs (one I don't see on there so I'm mentioning is) "We can live like Jack and Sally if we want" Granted your choices are all more profound. Mine makes me smile. Reading your LO made me smile too.
    What a neat idea. Another one going in my favs!