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Red-Footed Boobies, Santiago, Galapagos

Red-Footed Boobies, Santiago, Galapagos

This began as a response to last Saturday's color challenge (1/12/13). When I saw the pink and two blues of the swatch, I immediately thought of the faces of these birds, although I knew I'd have to cheat a bit. But I couldn't seem to make their subtle pinks visible without enlarging the photos, so I spread them over two pages. And then I figured out that those lovely painted faces were just not prominent enough to carry the layout, and didn't work well in the background - so I'm posting here. You may know that "booby" was derived from "bobo", Spanish (or maybe Portuguese) for clown. The blue-footed boobies are clowns, but these are just delightful birds with painted faces, curious, and tender with each other. What a privilege it was to visit them!

The Reine Silvia’s {our boat} zodiac brought us to shore on Isla Santiago. We walked up the beach between a tidal inlet next to cliffs and a vibrant green mangrove thicket. The bushes were filled with birds - boobies, both Nazca and Red-Footed, assorted herons, and some frigate birds.
The Red-Footed Boobies were courting. Males gathered branches for their females, who wove them into nests. They were all aware of our presence - eyeing us curiously and then continuing their courship, uninhibited. Gabriel, the seven-year old son of our trip-leader, offered a mangrove twig to a male, who took it and passed it on to his mate. No fear - just interspecies cooperation!

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    Absolutely beautiful double LO. Birdies are beautiful - I love their blue beaks. TFS
    Fabulous photos and I like how you grouped them. Gorgeous pages.
    Fantastic double page.
    As much as I am not a bird lover these guys are wonderful! How 'clown like' to have the bright blue beaks and the stark red feet! Really colourful. Loved reading your journalling and I can see how amazing this experience was for you... your photos are so great, I bet your hubby had a wonderful time snapping away! Beautiful double spread.
    Really beautiful layout! I love the background picture and what a fabulous job of using a number of photos. I have to say the pics are fabulous!