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Snowed In


© Ginny Whitcomb

Snowed In

We felt like we were living in a snow globe that weekend.
Have to admit, I loved it! Even though the shoveling wasn't much fun.
Can you see the mail box? LOL

    OMG -- look at that poor pup! LOL I remember that storm well! I just did a LO of it with my Frostbite collection. :)
    Love the rounded frame and the lifted pictures. Great winter page.
    Thanks Ladies :) Jennifer we had to shovel out a spot just to get him out through the garage. The back door had a 5 foot drift! I love a good blizzard as long as I'm home!
    Wow to the mailbox. Lol. I had days like that. Loved it , love that I now live in a almost snow free city.