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Template Challenge The Place I Call Home

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Such fun to do! I have fallen in love with yhybrid crafts over the past few months and can easily see how Elisha's digital LO template would translate. Hope I have included every supply I used - the format seems to require picking and mixing from a great number of collections. TFL


EBA_SSDLO_JunkJournal 8.5 x 11




















So many people think of Essex as the place where London overspills into flat, featureless countryside. But I am happy to call the place Home & I find delight in its subtle beauty. Water is ever present; wide muddy estuaries, salt marsh, neither water nor land. And boats - ocean-going craft, yachts, dinghies - they are everywhere. People row, sail or just watch others pursuing their hobby.


But to limit the description of this place I call home to the charms of the coast, would be to tell only half the story. For Essex is a place or Royal hunting forests and venerable oak trees, of wide open fields, burdened with grain and cattle. It is a land of stately homes and ancient timbered houses. And modern structures grace the towns - architectural masterpieces that would be an asset to any cosmopolitan city.


© © Hilary Locke

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It sounds wonderful, Hillary - I really wish I could visit the area. Lovely photos and I like the design a lot, too. So much interest in all the irregular shapes & placement.

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Oh, this is just wonderful Hilary. Your journaling is so intersting and heartfelt and I can hear your love for the place you call home. Your layout is gorgeous - wonderful photos and I really ilke all the different touches you added. Super page - I enjoyed visiting your home town.

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I love all the photos of your area. You sure live in a beautiful place! Great layout, too. That template is perfect for adding all sorts of bits and pieces, and you've made it look wonderful!

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I really like how you made this a hybrid-type layout. The photos, notecards, fasteners and key create a wonderful collection of your home. I really enjoyed your journaling too. Lovely page.

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This is a wonderful description of the area where you live. Your journalling is great and the way you have arranged all of the photos and embellishments if perfect! I hope to visit the UK sometime.

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