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Jan 18 - Places of Interest - The Beach

Jan 18 - Places of Interest - The Beach

Journaling says "walking on the beach, feel the ocean spray, the breeze in my hair, the sound of the waves reaching the shore,the salty breeze against my cheeks, it is peace, serenity, new beginnings, hopes and dreams..."

There is something about the beach, each and every beach that I find incredibly mesmorizing and irresistible. I love the sound, site, smell, texture of sand, variety of shells, color of seaweed, type of sealife, the different people and structures you can find there. So wonderful.


    What a beautiful page! Fantastic photo and I love the wonderful colors. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!
    Beautiful - wonderful photo & like the cutout framing it.
    Gorgeous. Beautiful job.
    Stunning page 'n beautiful photo... heartfelt journaling too!
    OH, wow - what a gorgeous photo - the sun sparkling on the water almost makes me feel I'm there. I love the soft color scheme you used and the fancy cut out that frames your pic. I also really related to your journaling and could imagine being at the beach from your words - and it's 27 degrees here, thanks. Lovely page.
    I LOVE the colors here! You did a great job showing the golden glints of sun and the sparkles on the water. It really gives us the feeling of how changeable the ocean is... and always interesting. Beautiful sentiments and beautiful page! Yes, there's nothing like the beach.
    What an interesting page....! The colours are all really psychadelic and yet you can tell straight away it is the beach! I like the cloud paper and the great paper cutoutframe... really interesting and mesmerising... great job!
    Beautiful photo. I love the photo mask. Lovely layout.
    Very unique page. The photo is lovely and the framing and background are gorgeous. Great page.