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Place challenge-GC South Rim

Page 1 of two from a photobook I'm making for a trip my sisters and I took last summer. The place of interest to me is the Watchtower, on page 2.


map (with sky) scanned from NPS map;

DEB_Vista Linda Alpha;

SBA_SSStyle_Basic Shadows;

Fonts: Brush Script, Arial


Journaling for both pages:

On the second day of our adventure, Robin drove us north to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We entered at the east end, on Desert View Drive, and explored the Watchtower. It was designed by Mary Elizabeth Coulter and built in 1932 for observation and to improve understanding of Native American life. The stone work, log ceilings, and pictographs are faithful to those found in ancient kivas of the southwest.

We continued along Desert View Drive to its junction with South Entrance Road and the Visitor Center, stopping several times to enjoy views over the rim. Amazingly, in Grand Canyon Village, Robin found a convenient parking spot.

In Bright Angel Lodge, we had lunch, and then shopped, of course. We walked along the rim trail, through Kolb Studio, and down some precipitous steps to look for condors, but there were none to be seen. Robin did get a photo of Bright Angel Trail, leading to the vivid green oasis of Indian Gardens and plunging over the rim into the canyon.



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Great photos. I really like the alphas in your title, they have such a rustic feel to them. Lovely arrangementof your elements. The date's cute - it looks like a road shield.

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