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Monday 01 21 three challenge

Monday 01 21  three challenge

I love our morning walks here in Florida. Took some really neat bird photos recently while we were walking. My 3 colors are blue, green and brown. Supplies in EXIF. TFL

    You've combined three of my favorite things in this beautiful layout: green, blending, and water birds! :D Your photos are wonderful! I love your interesting framing, especially how the blue matches the sky of your large photo. Wonderful title-work, too -- and the string is a great embellishment. I love it all!
    Loving this nature happy layout. Your 3 colors are beautiful, and nature's own. Great job on this one.
    Pretty colors (and you have 3 photos, too). Lovely photos and neat wordart. I especially like the frame around the black bird.
    That certainly looks a great winter walk :) I love how the wire joins your photos together :)
    What lovely scenery! Thanx for sharing with us. i've always toyed with the idea of scrapping my morning jog route. Maybe someday i will!