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Monday 1/21


Three more photos from my walk along the river. Some of you expressed interest in the horse sculpture, this is a close up of one of the heads. It's made of scrap metal/found objects. If you look closely, you can see that the eye sockets are made from old spoons. It's a work that you can study for hours, discovering more and more of the "ingredients". Stayed with the same palette, burnt orange, yellow and blue (sorf ot!).


Supply list in the EXIF file.

Photo Information for Monday 1/21

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I love the layout - love the vertical lines of the first photo and that it's bigger and taller like a one. gorgeous photos. TFS and taking part in the challenge.

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Great photos. Ann and thanks so much for the explanation of what the horse is made of! Spoons for the eyes! How creative is that! I would imagine that, as you said, one could look at this sculpture for hours to see all of the intricate details. I like the simple composition of your layout and the numbered pics - beautifully done! I really enjoy seeing what Bend, Oregon looks like through your eyes.

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Oh Ann how wonderful. I enjoyed reading your notes and looking through your wonderful photos. I also really like the background you used which really makes those awesome pics pop. Great layout.

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